What makes us different

    Since 1968 Dr. Carl Whitcomb's research has helped him design Rootmaker containers that capitalize on a tree's natural processes to promote a fiberous root system. These containers do not have the drawbacks of conventional containers. There are no circling roots, trees are not dependent on chemicals (such as copper hydroxide,) and absorbing roots exist throughout the root ball instead of residing at the edge of the container.


      Here at Potteiger Farms all of the trees are germinated from seed in 18,32,or 60 cell Rootmaker flats or bought in as rooted cuttings and potted in a 18 cell or 1 gallon Rootmaker container. By starting small we can maximaize on the benefits of Rootmaker technology in all phases of production.



     As a tree germinates, the root tip extends through the media. It is guided by the design  of the containers to the openings. These openings cause the root tips to dessicate, forcing lateral roots to emerge. As these secondary roots grow the process repeats itself. As you can see the Rootmaker containers are designed to promote a fiberous and robust root system in all phases of production. That translates into strong, healthy, resilient trees for your company to sell.

Visit www.rootmaker.com.com for more information on Rootmaker containers.

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