Buying Bare Root vs Rootmaker Liner

Today the green industry relys heavily on bareroot stock shipped in from Oregon. No one can deny the benefits of bareroot stock.

  • The root structure is easily inspected for structural defects.
  • Liners are typically undercut by a 'U' blade to promote root branching.
  • Bareroot liners are shipped without the growing media elimating excess wheight and reducing shipping costs.
  • Companies have a large capacity with a great variety of liners for purchase.
  • The regional climate enables longer growing conditions and quicker produciton times.



What do you loose by buying bareroot stock and what do you gain by purchasing Rootmaker liners.

  • 90% of all absorbing root tips are lost in the bareroot process. This means the tree has to use reserve carbohydrates to initiate root growth.The new root growth then initiates bud swell and development. This long process lenghtens establishment time for the tree. Although bareroot stock has been used with much sucess, this process stresses the tree and ultimately lenghtens your production time in balled and bulap field production.
  • Root tips are the main way that water and nutrients are absorbed into the tree. These elements are then metablilzed in photosynthesis. So the more absorbing root tips you have the quicker the establishment and growth of the tree.
  • Withen the 1st few days of planting a rootmaker liner, root tips are easliy seen growing into the new soil it is planted in.
  • Rootmaker liners can be planted almost anytime of the year. Bareroot trees are harvested while dormant and ideally planted before bud swell.
  • With adeqate water and nutrients, your liner should be exhibit healthy and robust growth.
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